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This demo generates contributions for phase 2 of trusted setup MPC in a browser using WebAssembly

How to install

git clone --recursive
npm install

How to run in debug mode

# Builds the project and opens it in a new browser tab. Auto-reloads when the project changes.
npm start

How to build in release mode

# Builds the project and places it into the `dist` folder.
npm run build

Project structure

  • webpack.config.js config that is used to build .wasm and other project files
  • phase2-bn254/phase2 trusted setup crate, we build .wasm module from it
  • js/index.js main frontend script that calls .wasm to generate the contribution
  • static/index.html empty index file that just includes .js
  • static/params.bin example previous contribution

This example uses static previous contribution file and outputs new contribution to console. On prod this should be handled by the server.