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* [Contributing](core-concepts/contributing.md)
* [Contributor Code of Conduct](core-concepts/code-of-conduct.md)
* [Legal Requirements](core-concepts/legal-reqs.md)
* [Projects using Ocean Protocol](building-with-ocean/projects-using-ocean.md)
* [Partners & Collaborators](building-with-ocean/projects-using-ocean.md)
* [Rewards](rewards/veOcean-Data-Farming-Tutorial.md)
* [API References](api-references/README.md)
* [Aquarius REST API](api-references/aquarius-rest-api.md)

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title: Projects using Ocean Protocol
description: This page helps you to find projects in the Ocean ecosystem.
title: Partners & Collaborators
description: We work with many partners who understand the value of Ocean
## OceanDAO projects
We work closely with our collaborators and service partners to iterate on our underlying technology, and to deliver world-class Web3 experiences built on top of Ocean Protocol. An up to date list of our partners and collaborators is maintained on our [main site](https://oceanprotocol.com/collaborators).
## Other Useful Information
### OceanDAO projects
[Ocean Pearl](https://oceanpearl.io/projects) is a great way to browse 80+ Ocean projects that came through [OceanDAO](https://oceanprotocol.com/dao). These projects may be building on the Ocean stack, doing outreach, unlocking data, or more.
## Using Ocean Market
### Using Ocean Market
[Ocean Market](https://market.oceanprotocol.com) is the best place to find projects that publish datasets. Simply go there and browse the datasets:)
## Learning about Ocean
### Learning about Ocean
The [Ocean Academy](https://oceanacademy.io/) project is a great way to learn more about Ocean beyond [oceanprotocol.com](https://www.oceanprotocol.com) and [docs.oceanprotocol.com](https://docs.oceanprotocol.com).
## Trading OCEAN
### Trading OCEAN
The [Coingecko OCEAN markets page](https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ocean-protocol#markets) lists forums to exchange OCEAN. Many of them offer liquidity mining and other yield opportunities.