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The Uploader Docs (#1256)
* Adding initial page as a user guide on interacting witht the DBS

* Updating steps and instructions for the DBS user guide

* updating the navigation

* updating arweave user guide

* Adding links to the dbs upload instructions

* Adding images

* Adding images into the guide

* CHanging DBS to Uploader in user guide

* moved uploader (ex dbs) pages from gitbook

* remove all refs to dbs

* change DBSClient to UploaderClient

* removed more dbs refs

* Update README.md

- adjust some links
- fix some texts

* updated images uploader

* adding format to codeblocks

* updated images

* added uploader to asset hosting

* fix some text

* fix typo

* fix link

* replaced more images

* added text to asset hosting section related to uploader

* changed "Using Arweave with Uploader"

* removed references to "storage management"

* added missing link

* move uploader.js section from main page

* added to uploader's main readme

* rewrite uploader ui docs

* added expandable component to api calls in uploader.js

* rewrite API main paragraph in uploader.js

* fix some dbs refs

* added more to uploader ui

* moved uploader in the summary page

* added arcade to "How to store an asset on Arweave with the Uploader UI"

* added uploader links

* Update uploader.md

update arcade link

* Update uploader.md

* Updating diagrams

* Update to mention IPFS support

* Minor change in README.md


Co-authored-by: Lcdo-Jeremy <enzo-vezzaro@live.it>
Co-authored-by: Ana Loznianu <ana@oceanprotocol.com>
Co-authored-by: mihaisc <mihai@oceanprotocol.com>
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