Gitea installation tools & notes
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Gitea installation notes

Migration from GitLab

Update Gitea

# run update script, passing version number as option
./bin/ 1.6.1

Update script sets options by default, can be changed at top of script:

Option Default Description
giteaBinary /home/git/gitea/gitea Gitea binary path
arch linux-amd64 Server architecture
giteaStore /home/git/gitea-update Directory where update files will be stored
giteaUser git linux user Gitea is running under
giteaGroup git linux group Gitea is running under


The custom/ folder maps to /home/git/gitea/custom/ on the server. Its contents can be deployed via rsync with:

npm i
gulp deploy

Gitea Docs: Customizing Gitea

Handy commands

sudo su git
cd /home/git

vi gitea/custom/conf/app.ini

# Backup
sudo su git
./gitea dump -c gitea/custom/conf/app.ini

# Restart Gitea service
sudo service gitea restart

# nginx
sudo vi /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/gitea
sudo service nginx restart

Gitea Documentation