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👩‍🎤 personal dotfiles, scrambled together from the interwebz. Highly macOS oriented, with zsh, Homebrew.

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Clone this repository and execute the install script to symlink respective dotfiles into ~/ and run installation of Homebrew, Ruby & npm:

git clone
cd dotfiles


Have a look at the script to see what's happening. Installation assumes macOS and will fail on other systems.


Will update the symlinked dotfiles, useful if new dotfiles have been added:

git pull

Custom scripts

Script Description print out all available colors with their values in the Terminal start Tor and switch the system-wide proxy settings in macOS. More info recursively updates all git repositories within the given folder update macOS, Mac App Store apps, Homebrew packages, (global) npm packages, Ruby via rvm, and refresh GPG keys all in one command. Aliased to update