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Tab style for Hyper inspired by Apple's pro apps on macOS.


Cause you deserve native & pro.

Tim Cook

Extraordinarily dark aluminum.

Jony Ive

This has only been tested on macOS and is not guaranteed to work on other operating systems.


Install by adding hyper-mac-pro to the plugins property in your ~/.hyper.js:

plugins: [

If you're using hpm, from the command line:

hpm install hyper-mac-pro


  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device (make sure that it's located in ~/.hyper_plugins/local)
  2. Add hyper-mac-pro to the localPlugins property within ~/.hyper.js
  3. Restart Hyper

Install dependencies with npm install and hack away. Run the tests using npm test. Running tests will happen automatically before every commit.