🤖 Microservice to cache and expose our GitHub projects. Beep boop.

Updated 4 months ago

Gitea installation tools & notes

Updated 4 months ago

🎯 Set redirect urls in your YAML frontmatter within your Gatsby site's Markdown files. Mimics the behavior of jekyll-redirect-from.

Updated 3 days ago

🥂 Gatsby plugin to add Matomo (formerly Piwik) onto a site.

Updated 3 days ago

🚰 The Ocean Faucet Server allows requesting Ether for a particular Ethereum network.

Updated 2 years ago

🛸 dotfiles for every new server instance, making myself comfortable in the cloud.

Updated 3 years ago

👩‍🎤 personal dotfiles, scrambled together from the interwebz

Updated 2 months ago

🐍 Ocean Protocol's official documentation

Updated 22 hours ago

Updated 8 months ago

🦞 Landing page for listing our data science tools and directing people to them

Updated 6 months ago

🤖 Microservice to cache and expose community numbers. Beep boop.

Updated 2 weeks ago

🏄‍♀️ Marketplace front-end and backend server to explore, download, and publish open data sets.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Javascript library to work with circomlib circuits

Updated 1 year ago

🐡 Simple Electron-based desktop app to retrieve and display your total Ocean Token balances.

Updated 3 weeks ago

🍭 My blog kremalicious.com built with Gatsby. Neat.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Meet BigchainDB. The blockchain database.

Updated 11 months ago

🐳 Docker Compose files for the full Ocean Protocol stack

Updated 17 hours ago