🏄‍♀️ Marketplace front-end and backend server to explore, download, and publish open data sets.

Updated 2 years ago

Serverless email forwarding service with AWS Lambda and Simple Email Service. Built and deployed with gulp.

Updated 4 years ago

Meet BigchainDB. The blockchain database.

Updated 7 months ago

Official BigchainDB JavaScript driver for Node.js and the browser

Updated 10 months ago

🤖 Microservice to cache and expose our upcoming Meetups. Beep boop.

Updated 4 years ago

🤖 Microservice to cache and expose our GitHub projects. Beep boop.

Updated 5 months ago

💅 For consistent CSS across BigchainDB, IPDB, Ocean Protocol & ascribe's repos.

Updated 4 years ago

🦁 The fabulous cat of blockchain websites

Updated 1 year ago

Onion is the web client for ascribe

Updated 4 years ago

WordPress theme for the old ascribe landing page and blog. Also a .zip archive of the site captured in 2018-09.

Updated 4 years ago

🐍 Ocean Protocol's official documentation

Updated 3 days ago

The blockchain database network for the decentralized stack.

Updated 4 years ago

🍭 My blog kremalicious.com built with Gatsby. Neat.

Updated 13 hours ago

WordPress plugin transforming the standard WordPress update & comment notification badges into iOS-styled ones, image-less with CSS only.

Updated 8 years ago

My own url shortener based on YOURLS

Updated 7 years ago

⌨️ Using for fun & profit

Updated 11 years ago

placeholder thingy

Updated 3 years ago

👩‍🎤 personal dotfiles, scrambled together from the interwebz

Updated 3 months ago

️ CSS/SVG based App Store badges

Updated 7 years ago

🍍 Tab style for Hyper inspired by Apple's pro apps on macOS. Cause you deserve native & pro.

Updated 2 weeks ago